Stacy and Dell's Place

House Rules

  1. Leave while you're still having fun
  2. Never turn the channel when old dominion is playing
  3. Always kiss the kitten
  4. No tubs 10 minutes before mom comes home
  5. No such thing as sick days, but lunch with friends is allowed
  6. No bathroom breaks between grand forks and saint cloud
  7. No drinking out of the marathon cup, unless you ran the marathon
  8. Only buy Crystal sugar and Dakota mill flour. 
  9. It makes a mom crazy if you call but don't leave a voice message or text message
  10. The driver is never Maestro
  11. Be smart
  12. Check your oil
  13. Always carry a shovel in the winter
  14. When you switch tanks on the pontoon, fill the other one
  15. Don't throw garbage in the firepit
  16. Wear shoes when the grass is full of clover
  17. Dad's toothbrush is the color of his eyes
  18. Fireball is not your friend. It just pretends to be
  19. Accept the gratitude
  20. Where do you put the empties
  21. Stay till tomorrow
  22. Pee sitting down in the camper
  23. He who wakes the dog, takes her out.
  24. Mom never pours her own drink
  25. If you think the house is too cold?  Go vacuum
  26. Don't be a one upper
  27. Don't shit on someone else's story